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Stepped Gradients in Substance Designer

I found myself in an increasing need for stepped gradients inside Substance Designer lately, so I evaluated a few methods I could think of for creating them. You might use them, for example, to build a Color ID map for use in a Multi-Material Blend node.

  • #substance
  • #procedural-art
  • #environment-art
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Vectorfields Python Package

This little project started at a little game jam with the topic “electricity”. I wanted to do something with particles and controlling their flow with formulas, but the available methods for creating vector fields at the time were either too complicated for this small task, or too time-consuming or bound to purchasing a software license.

  • #python
  • #vfx
  • #unity
  • #ue4
  • #vectorfields
  • #flowmaps
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Stylized Rock Generator (Part 1)

I got inspired by an early presentation video for The Cycle that is produced here in Berlin. I saw these rocks that look like they’ve been washed out or that had big parts blasted away.

  • #houdini
  • #work-in-progress
  • #procedural-modeling
  • #environment-art
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